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WiFiTel network access point solutions are the simple answer to a complex problem.

The Big WiFi Problem

Everyone in the Hotel and Hospitality WiFi industry is concentrating on the big problem.

WiFi travels at a pretty high frequency compared to the radio you listen to in the car, which is lower.  Like sound, low radio frequencies travel further than high ones, despite obstructions. You can hear the low rumble of an elephant from a great distance, for example.

Within the narrow bands of frequency that WiFi works on, radio traffic is increasingly saturated as more and more devices send and receive growing amounts of data.

The further the distance and more airwaves the signal has to travel between WiFi network access point and client, the more likely interference from other devices will interrupt it.

Every Wi-Fi network access point designer is trying to beat the laws of physics by inventing new ways to make WiFi go further and negotiate more and more obstacles.

The WiFi industry has focused its time and energy to compensate for the problem of high WiFi radio frequency in a busy bandwidth.

They have developed expensive powerful antennae, multiple radios, sophisticated ways to interpret bounced signals and a whole array of intelligent fixes.

But the problem is rooted in the laws of physics, and any amount of fixes will not make it go away.

We work with the laws of physics, rather than fight them.

We don’t place a few Mega-WiFi-Access points in cleverly worked out positions in a hotel or hospital, we place many.

One WiFi network access point in every room guarantees quality because distance, obstructions and interference are no longer a problem.

The WiFiTel Solution

By placing a WiFi network access point in each room WiFiTel systems provide perfect, interference free WiFi to every guest.

WiFiTel avoids the cost of running network cable to each room by using the television infrastructure.  WiFiTel works on any TV coaxial cable.
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WiFiTel WiFi network access points just plug in behind the TV of every room and the TV coaxial cable provides a backbone network with synchronous speeds up to 320MBs.

WiFiTel Systems are faster, more reliable and guarantee quality WiFi in every room with a lower price tag than competing systems.

WiFi Network Access Point Control Systems

Take your WiFi System to the next level

WiFi Network Access Point Management

WiFi Virtual Concierge


WiFiTel Network Management Systems give complete control of the WLAN, eliminating WiFi network access point problems and providing an unparalleled level of information to support users of your WiFi system.


The WiFi Virtual Concierge is the next generation of WiFi hotspot captive portal with a highly flexible architecture that can be integrated into any type of WiFi system and runs on any type of WiFi Network Access Point.

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