About WiFi Mundo

WiFi Mundo was founded in 2009 to meet the growing demand for public access WLANs in the hospitality industry.

First hand experience of the shortcomings of traditional WLAN architecture from the major suppliers provided the foundation for the development of the WiFiTel system with the goal of deploying easy to install, fast and reliable networks with the benefit of an Access Point in every room.

In early 2013 WiFi Mundo accepted its first round of early stage funding to further support the early development and deployment of the WiFiTel System.

This early financial investment saw WiFi Mundo through development and to full commercialization of the WiFiTel System.

WiFi Mundo is focused on growth and expansion, delivering its proprietary hospitality WiFi and marketing solutions to partners throughout Europe, North America and the Caribbean.

WiFi Mundo develops and supplies the WiFiTel System to WiFi installers and directly for self-installation.

WiFiTel Systems fill a market need within the Hospitality and Healthcare sectors for secure, high performance networks that guarantee quality WiFi service to every room with rapid, clean and simple deployment.

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