Although hotels will proudly flaunt their green credentials, implementing an environmentally friendly guest WiFi network is rarely a consideration and when asked, “Is your hotel WiFi network green?” most network installers simply won’t know what to answer. Fortunately, WiFiTel systems offer the solution to the environmental cost, as well as reducing the financial cost, of providing perfect WiFi to hotel guests and high speed network connectivity in rooms.

Ethernet cable is the normal choice for new hotel network implementations because it is a technology well known to network installers everywhere. However, the topology and infrastructure of a hotel make this habitual choice questionable… and not only from a green perspective.

A typical hotel Ethernet network would require a new cable infrastructure to be laid, cables pulled and RJ45 wall plates mounted in each room. The cost of drilling all those holes, pulling those cables and installing the infrastructure will run into many tens of thousands with an equivalently nasty carbon footprint.

ethernet hotel guest network environmental cost

A new Ethernet infrastructure will cause a deep red stain on any Hotel’s environmental balance sheet.
The environmental costs of all those thousands of meters of cable, the plastics, the manufacturing, transport and of course the carbon cost of the actual installation would cause a deep red stain on any environmental balance sheet.

In contrast, a hotel WiFiTel Coaxial network has negligible environmental impact because there is hardly any new infrastructure, as you can see from the diagrams above and below. It is the sure way to keep a hotel WiFi network green!

Make your hotel WiFi network green with a low impact WiFiTel coax system

While these two diagrams are in front of you, another difference will obviously leap out, which is the huge amount of new infrastructure and cables in an Ethernet network. There are thousands of meters of fragile network cable buried in walls and hundreds of RJ45 wall plates that can get damaged, along with switches, hubs and racks to be maintained, upgraded and supported. Maintenance and support of networks is a potentially large hidden cost rarely taken into account in the hospitality sector, and it is not just a monetary one. Every intervention has an environmental impact.

WiFiTel networks over coax require no additional maintenance as they use the TV cable system which all hotels already maintain. A hotel coaxial network is daisy-chained, so a single cable splits to serve multiple rooms, which is a simple system to manage and maintain as decades of experience can attest.

With all the environmental and monetary cost savings that the WiFiTel system offers, you will be further impressed to know that the 300Mbs performance is more than enough to satisfy hotel guest needs. The cloud based network management system makes configuring and visualising the network as simple as a few clicks of the mouse. In terms of performance and functionality, WiFiTel delivers.

Coaxial cable networks already exist in every single hotel. New materials have a carbon footprint and installing them has a further environmental impact. By making use of the existing infrastructure, WiFiTel networks have the least possible environmental impact and the lowest carbon footprint. Although it may be the advantages in performance and cost that have made the WiFiTel system popular, it is gratifying to see an increasing number of “YES!” answers to the question, “Is your hotel WiFi Network Green?”