Good Hotel WiFi Makes Money (and Bad WiFI Loses Money)

Hotels should no longer see WiFi as simply another amenity or service they must provide. Rather, Directors need to understand that WiFi has a direct relationship to the bottom line.

Put simply, bad WiFi costs money and good hotel WiFi makes money! And I am not talking about the age old question of whether or not to charge your guests. Whether you wish to provide free or paid WiFi connection, the equation is the same.

Bad WiFi leads to all sorts of additional costs and lost revenue opportunities. Staff time is wasted sorting out customer problems and complaints. Time that can be better spent assisting guests and selling amenities.

Revenue is lost from guests who feel they must leave the hotel, to a local coffee shop, bar or restaurant, to get a good WiFi connection. Unhappy guests leave poor reviews on sites such as tripadvisor and These reviews in turn inhibit other guests from booking with your hotel.

Finally, since WiFi has recently been rated as the number 1 most important amenity in a hotel, poor connectivity can destroy repeat business. Your guests will simply stay somewhere else on their next visit.

Good WiFi on the other hand, whether you sell a premium connection or provide it for free to all your guests, is an asset to your bottom line.

Because some much of our work and entertainment now requires connectivity, guests with a good connection will be inclined to stay at the hotel or resort and use the amenities, bars and restaurants more.

A good WiFi experience will also go a long way in their overall perception of the hotel and will be seen in positive reviews. Finally, happy and satisfied guests are repeat guests that you can expect to see again and again.

The simple fact is that your hotel WiFi system is not simply a service you provide, it is either an asset or a liability to your hotel.