Hotel WiFi and Wearable Technology

If you manage hotel WiFi systems then you know that the number of devices that each guest brings and their bandwidth demand is going to surge with wearable technology, yet the radio transmitters and receivers in these devices are going to be less powerful. Hotel WiFi and wearable technology are going to be a major source for complaints and bad reviews unless your hotel WiFi system is up to the job.

Less than ten years ago, Apple introduced the Smartphone and the number of devices logging on to hotel networks grew exponentially, then came the tablet and demand surged again.

Smartwatches and wearable technology are the next wave of devices to hit hotel Wifi networks, and unlike tablets and smartphones, most of these new devices do not have cellular connection but do have low power WiFi capabilities.

These devices use the WiFi network both to connect to the internet and a smartphone they may be paired with and although they present a tremendous marketing opportunity, they also herald an impending headache for Hospitality WiFi providers.

Though many vendors would have you believe that cunningly placed high power (and highly expensive) WiFi Access Points are still going to cut the mustard, the truth is that the level of WiFi Access Point density required is no less than one per room.

With the close proximity that a WiFi Access Point in each hotel room provides, there is little (if any) interference, allowing optimal connection speeds and eliminating connectivity problems associated with low power devices.

The options facing a hotel boil down to the expensive and messy task of pulling new cable to every room or taking advantage of developments in data transfer over coaxial cable, which provide the equivalent, if not a better end result.

WiFiTel Systems use the ubiquitous hotel Coaxial TV network to deliver a fast, solid network to each room allowing perfect connectivity to whatever wearable technology a guest may bring and have a great advantage over other coaxial technologies because they do not require upgrading the TV system amplifiers, so a WiFiTel system can be applied to any Hotel TV infrastructure.

WiFiTel Systems have deliberately been set at a price disruptive point as the system gains popularity, enabling hotels to implement complaint proof WiFi in record time, with no disruption and below budget estimates.