Hotel WiFi over Coaxial Cable

So many hotels are concerned about the costs and disruption involved in guaranteeing 100% wifi coverage to every room in their hotel, yet almost all of them have not realised that the solution is staring them in the face.

Within the walls of every hotel there is an infrastructure capable of providing a fast and reliable data network: the TV system. With hundreds of metres of coaxial cable already laid and leading to every guest room, it is the most obvious choice.

Although the protocols that allow ethernet over coaxial cable have been well developed and proven by the cable TV industry, the application of the technology to the hotel industry has been almost negligible.

Coaxial infrastructure allows synchronous data speeds of up to 320Mbs, and delivers this straight to the room. In each room is a coaxial router guaranteeing perfect coverage.

The solution can outperform any other wifi system for the price. By a long way. And because installation is literally plug and play, you won’t be paying all those labour costs, and there won’t be any disruption.

We at WiFi Mundo have developed and designed ethernet over coaxial cable controllers and low cost wifi access points specifically for the hotel industry.

With a Network Management System and full integration into hotel management and hotspot management systems, the system can work alongside any other wifi system, so it can be used to complement legacy systems as well as fill in wifi ‘black spots’.

The WiFi Mundo Coaxial System is available directly from WiFi Mundo or through your existing WiFi Installer.