Hotel WiFi Network Design Made Easy

Hotel WiFi network design used to be the key deciding factor in the functionality of a network. Under traditional hotel WiFi network architecture, design was paramount. Whether using ubiquiti, Meraki, Ruckus, Wavion or any of the other quality products in the marketplace, the design of the hotel WiFi network made the difference between a good WiFi service and a poor WiFi service.

Where to place antennae, how and where to run network cable, installing external masts, where to mount wifi access points in corridors, whether to build a network backbone or allow hops and meshing between access points were all questions that took hours or days to ponder in order to build a quality hotel WiFi network. For a WiFi provider, a lot of time and money is spent on site determining which equipment to use, analyzing angles, addressing plant growth and determining how to get a signal to difficult location.

It doesn´t need to be so difficult.

Backbone Hotel WiFi Network Design

The only way to provide truly effective network design is to take much of the design out of the network and simply provide an access point in every room of the hotel. That way you can rely upon a strong signal in every room and your hotel wifi network design will not need to take account of interference and obstructions.

Until recently this was a difficult and often impossible goal to achieve. The prospect of running new CAT 5, CAT 6 or even fiber optic cable throughout a hotel is expensive, disruptive and often almost impossible.

However, with the WiFi Mundo Coaxial System, hotel WiFi network design and installation is simple. The hotel television system provides a rock solid network backbone to which every WiFi network access point can connect.

Extending the Hotel WiFi Network Design

Each access point also has three standard network ports. These can be used to provision access points designed for public areas such as resort hotel pools or conference areas. As long as there is a TV connection, the network can be extended, which makes network design even easier.

WiFi Mundo makes hotel WiFi network design easy because it instantly turns a normal TV system into a blistering fast, enterprise secure and highly stable network. Access points in each room take the compromises out of hotel WiFi network design, allowing you to provide guests with a perfect signal and the network can be extended to public areas where WiFi Mundo access points act as network interfaces for third party wireless devices.

Coaxial networks make complicated hotel WiFi network design a thing of the past. Perfect WiFi every time!