One of the most common types of architecture to install the WiFiTel coaxial network is in a tower block of hotel rooms or apartments. The coaxial cable infrastructure looks very similar in any multilevel building and is used to deliver the WiFiTel data network to each guest room or apartment. This article and the accompanying diagrams illustrate a typical WiFiTel tower block installation.

MDF - Main Distribution Frame


The MDF (Main Distribution Frame) is normally located with the coaxial system Headend. The router controlling the WiFi Hotspot is located in this area along with the authentication server and in many installations the system is integrated with a property management system. The WiFiTel system can be integrated with any enterprise grade router.


Network cable or Fiber is run from the MDF to each IDF. Locating the MDF in the same area as the TV Headend means that new cables can be easily pulled through the same channels as the existing coaxial cable infrastructure, in a typical tower block there is a central duct carrying this cabling.

MDF - Main Distribution Frame

The IDFs

The IDFs (Intermediate Distribution Frames) are located at the amplifiers in the coaxial cable infrastructure. Typically each amplifier will send a CATV signal to one or more floors of the building. The WiFiTel Converter is connected downstream from the amplifier and injects the data network into the coaxial cable at low frequency.

The Guest Rooms

The coaxial cable is distributed to rooms through daisy chained taps that are normally located behind panels in corridors. A WiFiTel coaxial network access point is connected between the coaxial wall socket and the TV in each guest room providing up to four WiFi networks and four Ethernet connections.

Typical WiFiTel Tower Block Installation diagram

Typical WiFiTel Tower Block Installation Time

Typically installation time is:

  • 5-15 minutes per WiFitel access point in each room
  • 5-15 minutes per WiFiTel Converter
  • Preconfigured Mikrotik Router 30 minutes

For example, a typical WiFiTel tower block installation of a 300 bedroom hotel with two staff dedicated to the project should be comfortably completed within a week, and experience bears this out.