Install a WiFiTel Coaxial Network Access Point

WiFiTel Systems are designed to be installed and managed with ease and efficiency and the process for installing an WiFiTel Coaxial Network Access Point is a great example. An Access Point can be live and connecting hotel clients within just a few minutes, using just your smartphone.

WiFiTel Coaxial Network Access Points are ready to be installed in a hotel’s guest rooms as soon as a WiFiTel Converter has been connected to the TV system and the WiFiTel Cloud through your internet gateway. WiFiTel Converters inject the Ethernet stream into the coaxial network after each amplifier.

Physically connecting an Access Point is a simple process of plugging in power, the coaxial connection to the TV wall socket in the room and the TV. In most instances, the points are wall mounted using two screws. With very little practice, the physical installation of a new point can be completed in a matter of minutes.

When it is first turned on, a WiFiTel broadcasts two WiFi SSIDs which you will see listed in the available WiFi networks on your smartphone.


The first is the Snapshot SSID which provides useful instant information readout:

  • The last 6 characters of the Access Point MAC Address eg 07C0DF in the example above
  • The time the access point has been active eg 50s in the example above
  • The amount of decibels lost in the coaxial line eg 04dB in the example above
  • The upload and download capacity in Mbs between the WiFiTel Converter and the Access Point eg 255/255 in the example above

The second WiFi network broadcast by the WiFiTel Coaxial Network Access Point is the Tester SSID which is listed in your phone’s available WiFi networks with the word “Tester” followed by an IP address. Connect to the Tester SSID WiFi network with your smartphone, and then copy that IP address into your internet browser.


You will now see the Tester Page in your browser. The Tester Page displays information regarding the quality of the coaxial connection and has a single field to add the room number where the Access Point is located. Once the room number is submitted, the WiFiTel Access point has been successfully installed.

The Tester SSID and the Installer Snapshot SSID will cease to broadcast and the Access Point will broadcast the Wireless Network SSIDs that you will have defined in the Network Management System. All subsequent management of the Access Point is performed through the Network Management System.

WiFiTel Networks are designed for efficient and rapid implementation and key to the process is Access Point installation. Each WiFiTel Coaxial Network Access Point can be installed in just a few minutes, and an entire hotel in a few days.