Sheraton La Caleta Coaxial WiFi Case Study

Sheraton La Caleta Resort and Spa is a five star hotel in Tenerife where quality of service is paramount, but until the recent WiFi Mundo Coaxial Hotel System was installed, the internet service provided to guests was sadly lacking.

The hotel wifi system had points located both in the gardens and in some of the corridors. Signals from the powerful Lobometrics external points were obstructed in some areas by trees, and in others by the architecture of the building. The internal points had been added over time in order to fill the gaps in signal strength.

It was concluded that the only way to guarantee a quality wifi service would be to put a router in every room and a number of solutions were reviewed.


Every guest room in the hotel has a telephone and the various DSL technologies were reviewed and rejected due to the limitations on bandwidth, price and limited control systems.

Category 5 Network Cable

Sheraton La Caleta Resort had an existing network infrastructure with cables leading to every room and to various racks located in the hotel. Each rack had a fibre connection to the main server room, so a new system would require only switches and access points which would be simply plugged into each room. These types of systems had the added advantage of good centralised network management systems.

Coaxial Systems

Like every hotel, Sheraton La Caleta Resort has a ubiquitous television system that reaches every room. In this case, the TV system uses the DOCSIS standard, and another option was to simply add DOCSIS routers behind each Television.

The last alternative was the WiFi Mundo Coaxial Hotel System, and the comparative study surprised everyone.

Not only did the WiFi Mundo system beat traditional network cable on speed and performance, but the low cost of the access points and no necessity for switching, the coax solution was clearly superior.

And while the DOCSIS system had similar performance, the high price of each DOCSIS access point put the solution well beyond the hotel’s budget.

System Design and Implementation

Design of the WiFi Mundo System is simple and takes only a few minutes. No consideration need be taken for disruption, unsightly access points or any of the normal considerations.

Controllers were placed beside each of the eight amplifiers and connected to the main router controlling the hotspot. The access points were simply plugged into each of the 248 rooms over the following days, each taking their configuration from the controller.

The WiFi Mundo system was also configured to work alongside the existing DOCSIS system and integrated with the the Micros Fidelio Opera property management system, enabling guests to log on simply and bill services to their room.

Parts of the legacy wifi system was reassigned to the garden areas to complete coverage and Ruckus points were added to the Conference rooms.

Network Management System

The WiFi Mundo Network Management System is able to incorporate WiFi Mundo Coaxial WiFi Access Points and Controllers as well as products from other companies. This means that the entire hotel wifi system with points from Lobometrics, 3 Com, Ruckus and Ubiquiti can all be monitored from a single system.


Providing perfect wifi coverage to every guest room at Sheraton La Caleta has certainly pleased the guests. Support calls, complaints, wifi problems… all have almost disappeared since the new system has been in place. Revenue from wifi sales has also increased, so the Sheraton coaxial wifi system has been a resounding success.