What's important to your Guests?
Ease of hotel wifi access

Ease of hotel WiFi access means a simple and intuitive login process and seamless roaming around your hotel.

WiFi quality in room

Quality of hotel WiFi connection is important to almost every one of your guests who bring a device. Most importantly, guests need perfect coverage inside their room.

Hotel WiFi speed

Slow hotel WiFi speeds frustrate and annoy guests, so you need to ensure that your internal network backbone is up to the job.

Hotel WiFi over Coax

The only way to guarantee perfect WiFi coverage to every room in a hotel, regardless of architecture, age or design is to place an access point right there in the room.

Wireless internet access systems from WiFi Mundo are based on our WiFi over Coaxial solution, which provides an enterprise grade network over the hotel and access points in each room using the hotel TV infrastructure.

Our hotel WiFi over Coax systems are incredibly easy to install, which means they suit almost every type of hotel infrastructure and style. Access points just plug in behind TVs, so there is no disruption to business and the hotel décor remains untouched.

The coaxial cable infrastructure of a hotel allows network speeds up to 320MBs, and data can travel up to 1km through coax. That means that WiFi over Coax Systems even suit bungalow style topographies.

Sheraton hotel install WiFi over CoaX in all of their rooms. Read more about the installation.
The five star hotel Dream Grand Tacande upgrade their system to WiFi over coaxial cable.
NMS in the cloud

Hotel WiFi Network Management

Hotels have very specific needs from a network management system and the WiFi Mundo Network Management System is uniquely designed to provide the information managers and support staff need in a clear and uncluttered way.

The NMS interfce is cloud based and can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection on almost any type of device, so the complete hotel wireless network can be monitored from wherever you are.

The hotel WiFi Network Management module is available as preconfigured for plug and play, yet has all the power, security and flexibility you could need.

Your hotel hotspot can be set up in exactly the way you want, offering any combination of free and paid WiFi and integrated with your Hotel Property Management System or standalone for billing and network visualization.

The cloud based Network Management Interface is clean and intuitive, allowing support staff to visualize a map of the entire network, or drill down to a user’s device so that user problems can be quickly identified and solved.

Hotel WiFi Virtual Concierge

The WiFi Mundo Virtual Concierge takes a hotel wifi system to the next level by providing a fully customizable and brand ready communication platform .

Guests use the system to find out about hotel services, book orders and reservations and interact from the comfort of their phone, tablet or laptop.

Although the WiFi Virtual concierge increases ReVPAR through the sale of products and services, it can be used to great effect to secure other marketing and communication objectives:

Increase brand awareness and recognition
Increase loyalty through experiences shared with the brand
Quality assessment and control
Data analysis

The Virtual Concierge works with any WiFi hotspot system, no matter if it is a single access point in a hotel lobby or a network of hundreds of antennae, its just plug and play.

wifi virtual concierge

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