Dream Place Hotels Choose WiFi Mundo Coaxial System

Dream Place Hotels and Resorts have chosen WiFiTel Coaxial systems from WiFi Mundo to provide WiFi and networking services to guest rooms in all of the hotels in their chain.

The decision comes after the system had been running for two months in their flagship hotel, Dream Hotel Gran Tacande, and hotels that will benefit from the WiFiTel Coaxial System include Noelia Sur, Gran Castillo Resort and Spa and Villa Tagoro.

The WiFiTel Coaxial system uses the hotel’s existing television cable infrastructure to deliver a data network to WiFi access points located behind the TV in each guest room.

Efrén González, Director de Sistemas y Tecnologías at Dream Place Hotels & Resorts said, “The WiFi Mundo Coxial system offered significant advantages over other solutions with no apparent downsides, so we took the decision to install and evaluate it in the five star Hotel Gran Tacande.”

The Systemas y Tecnolologías department assessed the WiFi Mundo Coaxial system during the installation process and over the course of two months of live operation in the hotel and drew a number of conclusions:

  • Installation was simple, clean and fast with each access point installed within a few minutes.
  • Network speed, wifi coverage, performance and quality of service targets were all met or exceeded.
  • Monitoring and management of the system through the Network Management System was simple and effective.

A concurrent study measuring guest satisfaction with the hotel WiFi service showed a sudden drop in complaints when the system was introduced with subsequent positive feedback from guests.

“These were exactly the results we were hoping for, so the decision to roll out the WiFi Mundo Coaxial system over the rest of the group was very clear,” commented Efrén.

Dream Place Hotels are the latest in an increasing number of hotels to install the WiFi Mundo Coaxial system which delivers synchronous data speeds of up to 320MBs to guest rooms using existing cables.