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WiFi Network ManagementWiFi Network Management Systems

Eliminate WiFi network problems and provide an unparalleled level of support to users with a WiFi Network Management system that gives you all information you need at your fingertips.

The WiFiTel Network Manager is packaged enterprise standard hardware and software components integrated into a unified system with a cloud interface.

Designed for large networks with a high density of WiFi Access Points the WiFiTel Network Manager includes advanced features that set it apart from other WiFi network management systems and ensure that problems affecting user quality of service are automatically prevented, resolved or mitigated.

Urgent support call outs become a thing of the past and customer support issues shrink to those involving user device related problems.

Despite the WiFi network management system’s sophistication, the WiFiTel interface removes the clutter of irrelevant information and delivers all the data you need to ensure your system is humming at peak performance.

Easy Setup

The WiFi Mundo Network Manager is preconfigured for plug and play out of the box, but has all the power, security and flexibility that you could hope for in a top end WiFi network management system.

Easy User Access

There’s no fiddly printing of tickets or wasting receptionist time when guests want access to WiFi, they simply enter their room number and name to access the internet.

Great Support

The WiFiTel Network Manager comes with a complete support package offering remote access and email support, so there’s no need to spend hours puzzling over fine tuning your WiFi network management system.

Integrating the WiFiTel Network Manager

WiFi Network ManagementFeatures

The WiFiTel Network Manager is the complete solution to managing your WiFi hotspots

Hotspot Management
Hotspot Management includes firewall, routing, Quality of service, free WiFi zones, special groups, Combinations of speed and download limits for free and paid services, Virtual Private networks and many more features.
Built in Remote Authentication Dial In User Service (RADIUS) server for centralized Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting (AAA) management for users integrated with either payment gateway or Property Management Systems for simple payments, select prices and all parameters easily even offer different prices to separate groups.
Legal Compliance
European Compliance server collecting traffic information with automatic compression and cloud storage.

WiFi Network ManagementAdvanced Features

Cloud Monitoring System

The WiFiTel cloud based Monitoring System is designed for support staff to instantly understand and solve guest problems and includes a number of advanced features that you are unlikely to find in other WiFi Network Management systems.
Support staff are easily able to visualize the entire network, or drill down to a user’s device so that user problems can be quickly identified and solved.

  • View user by name or room number
  • View device MACs associated with a user
  • View user device data transfer in / out in real time
  • View the quality of a user’s connection in real time
  • View the access point the user is connected and associated data
  • Manage one hotel or many on the same interface

Channel regulation

The airwaves are in constant flux, and radio channels in the limited frequency ranges available to WiFi can become crowded.

WiFiTel Network Manager regulates channel selection across the WLAN ensuring an optimum configuration taking into account all external interference.

This is done automatically at regular intervals to ensure that the network reacts dynamically to changes in interference, automating WiFi network management.

SSID cutoff

Another common problem in WLANs is that individual Access Points can lose connection with the network, yet continue to broadcast the WiFi SSID which users attempt to connect to.

If a WiFiTel Access Point loses connection with the WiFi network management system, the radio is immediately cut off, preventing any dummy signals and keeping the airwaves clear.

Dynamic Power Regulation

WiFiTel Systems are designed for high density applications, and once installed Access Points will detect the the power of their neighbours and report back to the Network Manager. The WiFiTel Network manager regulates the power of each AP based on this information, lowering transmission power in adjacent rooms.

This same system also mitigates any problems should an Access Point lose connection with the system. Detecting that there is a gap, the system will raise transmission power in adjacent rooms to compensate, and all surrounding Access Points will correspondingly adjust.

In this way user connection problems within a WiFi system can be almost entirely eliminated.

PMS Interface

Integration with your Property Management System is achieved through an interface that is specific to your system. When you order your system, an interface will be customised to your requirements.

The PMS interface brings functionality, convenience and efficiency to your WiFi network management, integrating seamlessly into existing systems and processes.

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