virtual conciergeWiFi Virtual Concierge

The WiFi Virtual Concierge is the next generation of WiFi hotspot captive portal with a highly flexible architecture that can be integrated into any type of WiFi system.

When clients log on to your public WiFi system, the WiFi Virtual Concierge offers them a range of information and options, even before they reach any login or authentication barriers.

Guests connect to your hotel, book services, make orders and reservations, look for local information… and all from the comfort of their phone, tablet or laptop.

Under the hood, the WiFi Virtual Concierge is driven by an intuitive interface with a powerful content management system making designing pages a breeze and conveying your brand just the way you want to.

The WiFi Virtual Concierge offers three levels of control, allowing Group, Divisional or Local control of content sections and allowing groups styles and branding consistency.

Detailed reporting and statistics allow for fine grained analysis, A/B testing and graphing.

An Intimate Connection
Smartphones and tablets are the most intimate tech devices travellers own.

A connected Hotel creates more relevant and meaningful experiences


Get insights into your guests preferences and feedback in real time then drill down to individual guest habits, making strategic decisions based on facts not hunches.
Marketing & Communications
The WiFi Virtual Concierge is a marketing Swiss Army Knife! Design is quick and easy, allowing complete branding integration, a multitude of ways to interact with clients within the system and fine grained statistical analysis.
Optional direct integration into property management billing systems allows authenticated guests to purchase to account, making the process smooth and without barriers.
Receive guest orders and reservations the instant they are made, cutting costs and increasing efficiency yet maintain the personal touch at service delivery.
Quality Control
Get feedback in real time from guests, create surveys with cross platform ‘sweeteners’ such as free WiFi or other services and analyse results in extraordinary detail.



Integration is the key to the WiFi Virtual Concierge, making it a powerful service hub between your guests and your business

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WiFi Systems
The WiFi Virtual Concierge integrates with almost any WiFi hotspot system with ease.
Property Management Systems
Interface with Property Management Systems such as S.A.P. and Micros Fidelio Opera or almost any billing system.
Payment Gateway
Select if Clients are to bill to their room account or pay immediately with credit cards for different services you offer with built in integration to Paypal
Social Media Assets
Social Media Integration with Facebook, Twitter etc allows users to comment, like and tweet directly from your pages.

virtual conciergeFeatures

See a live Virtual Concierge in action, try a demo of the Administration System, get prices and more information about the WiFi Virtual Concierge

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Return visitors make good marketing sense and the WiFi Virtual Concierge is the perfect medium to promote and incentivise direct re-bookings,.

Events Calendar

The WiFi Virtual Concierge comes with a powerful event calendar module allowing you to display and promote any type of event or schedule and easily set repeats at daily, weekly or other intervals.

Special Offers

Special offers can be set to appear once or repeat at particular times of the day or week and display by user group, property-wide, division wide or over an entire group of hotels.

Room Service

At its simplest level, the WiFi Virtual Concierge can simply send an email to the relevant department with details of an order with billing occurring using existing hotel systems when the guest signs for receipt, but integration can be much deeper into existing systems for seamless workflow.

Guest Services

Allow guests to reserve, book and pay for any type of hotel service, from Spa treatments to tennis courts, the Virtual Concierge modules can be adapted to almost any purpose.

Guest Chat

We are all so used to texting, so allow your guests to chat directly and privately to your Guest Services department, reducing queues at reception and delivering communication in a way that your guests prefer.

Meeting Point

Meeting point is a great way to create great guest experiences is by providing a dynamic environment for them to communicate with each other. Need a partner for tennis? Meet new friends? Meeting point is the virtual place to do it.

Special Groups

Wedding parties, conferences or any special groups can have their own private area within the WiFi Virtual Concierge which can contain an events calendar, meeting point, special offers as well as group interactive features such as photo and media sharing.

Social Media

Integrate your social media presence into the WiFi Virtual Concierge by allowing each page to be shared via Facebook, Twitter etc or directed to liking / following your profile without leaving the Virtual Concierge page.

Desktop Icon

Android and iPhones are offered the option to place a desktop icon for your Virtual Concierge, making it easy to return (the mechanism is slightly different for each OS).

Automatic Download

When a guest connects to your WiFi System and opens their browser, the Virtual Concierge automatically downloads onto their device.

Works Offline

The WiFi Virtual Concierge uses the needs an internet connection to update information, but it will work on the last update even if the user is offline.

App Delivery

If your company has an App for Android, iPhone or any other operating system that you want to promote, then the WiFi Virtual Concierge is the ideal vehicle.

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