The WiFiTel Coaxial WiFi Access Point

The WiFiTel Coaxial WiFi Access Point represents a revolution in network access point design, deployment and performance.

WiFiTel system Converters inject a high capacity data network into any coaxial television system at frequencies below those used by TV channels and WiFiTel Coaxial Access Points connect behind each TV, providing LAN and WiFi connections.

Coaxial WiFi Access Point Design

The WiFiTel system has been designed for the hospitality industry, hotels, camp sites and RV parks, cruise ships as well as university campus networks and hospitals.

WiFiTel Access Points are mounted on self-locking wall plates to prevent theft and are designed to sit in the guest room unobtrusively, between the TV wall socket and the Television.

Each WiFiTel Coaxial Access Point has two coaxial ports (TV/Converter) two internal WiFi antennae, four RJ45 LAN ports and a socket for the supplied power adaptor.

The WiFiTel Access Point has a smooth curved profile measuring 255mm (length) x 50mm (width) x 140mm (height).

WiFiTel Coaxial WiFi Access Point Deployment

The physical deployment of WiFiTel Access Points is simple using two screws to secure the locking plate to the wall and sliding the Access Point onto the plate.

As soon as the Access Point is powered up and connected to the coaxial system it will communicate with the Converter and broadcast its status and connection statistics to the installer via WiFi.

The installer can use their phone to confirm connection quality and also assign a room number to the Access Point which will directly populate the Network Management System.

All other configuration of the WiFiTel Coaxial Access Point is performed on the Management System.

The process of deploying a WiFiTel Coaxial Network Access Point is simple and takes as little as a few minutes per room.

WiFiTel Coaxial WiFi Access Point Performance

The WiFiTel Coaxial WiFi Access Point propagates a fast data network complaint with the IEEE HomePlug standard at up to 320Mbps through coaxial cable in the 7-30/67.5 MHz low frequency range, below CATV and satellite frequencies ensuring no interference of the TV signal.

Each access point offers four self-adaptive IEEE 802.3u compliant 10/100M RJ45 ports and 802.11b/g/n WiFi in the 2.4 – 2.4835GHz range through dual antennae at speeds up to 300Mbps.

Each WiFiTel Access Point offers 4 LANs and 4 WLANS to which VLANS can be bridged using the cloud based Network Management System. Access Points can be configured individually, or changes can be made to every point in a hotel with a single click.

The WiFiTel Network over Coax system integrates with all enterprise grade routers to control and manage the hotspot, as well as Property Management systems for direct billing and synchronisation with guest databases as well as various other Hotspot marketing systems.

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